How to Flash the Kernel of Samsung Galaxy i9100 S2?

This post gives a tutorial on how to flash a kernel on the SGS2 describing all steps. These steps can be taken to install a beforehand created kernel (see the last post) on the SGS2.

It is crucial that the phone is not switched o ff during the process, neither by running out of battery. It only takes a few seconds, but still – make sure! You would be running a high risk otherwise.

  1. The respective Samsung USB drivers have to be installed (using Kies or the supplied drivers disk) on the computer you use to flash your phone.
  2. The utility program Odin 1.85 has to be installed on the computer (can be downloaded for free, e.g. here).
  3. The kernel has to be flashed to the device using Odin (described below).

Flashing a kernel using Odin 1.85 is a straightforward task, but – again – it has to be conducted very carefully as a mistake in the flashing process can severely damage the phone. Hence it is very important to follow the instructions below to the letter to avoid problems or bricking the device. You start with the phone disconnected from the computer and switched off.

  1. Start the SGS2 in download mode: you do this by pressing “Volume down”, the “Home” button and the “Power” button at the same time. Don’t release them until the download mode screen appears (it looks totally different from the normal starting screen).
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions: ‘Continue’ by pressing “Volume up”.
  3. Start Odin 1.85 on your computer.
  4. Click on PDA and select the tar-archive containing the kernel you want to install.
  5. DO ONLY check the option boxes “Auto Reboot” and “F. Reset Time”.
  6. Connect the SGS2 to the PC via USB. The first field of “ID:COM” should turn yellow stating the COM Port of your device. Continue only after this has happened. It can take a couple of seconds.
  7. Click Start and wait for the flashing process to finish. Do not disconnect or switch off the device. If it gets stuck in “Setup Connection..” your phone might be running only in normal mode. Make sure you start it in the download mode (see 1). For me, flashing the kernel never took more than 30 seconds.

Your phone will reboot now into the normal mode. On the bottom of the start-up screen you will find a yellow warning sign. This only indicates that an “unsafe” kernel version is in use. You could get rid of this sign – just check in the web, google will help you!

Have fun with the new version!

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